St. Joseph County Right to Life, Inc.

St. Joseph County Right to Life, Inc. is dedicated to the social welfare by promoting life through education and advocacy. We are the oldest, continuously active pro-life organization in St. Joseph County, and are the central organization representing pro-life interests. Our goal is to protect all innocent human life—the unborn, the infirm or handicapped, and the aged. We help make women aware that there are alternatives to abortion. We work with counselors who can assist women in crisis pregnancies. We support and encourage all who are willing to help a woman with an unexpected pregnancy. We refer post-abortive women and men to counseling to help heal the emotional scars caused by abortion.

We visit schools and groups to educate the public and members of government about abortion, embryonic stem cell and fetal tissue research, mercy killing, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. We provide books, tapes, and DVDs/videos to the public. And we sponsor educational campaigns through the major media such as billboards, television, radio, and newspaper.

We work to introduce and support legislation to protect the unborn and their parents from abortion. This includes laws that would completely and accurately inform mothers of the development of their unborn child and the risks of abortion. Our ultimate goal is the ratification of the Human Life Amendment to the United States Constitution, which would guarantee the right to life of all human beings from the moment of conception.

St. Joseph County Right to Life, Inc. also monitors life issues in our community. We help make sure that abortion providers and others who are anti-life, do not overstep their legal bounds. We encourage regulation of the abortion industry. And we contest the use of public funds for abortion or for promoting the abortion industry.

We inform the public about corporations and nonprofit organizations that directly or indirectly support abortion rights and/or the abortion industry. Furthermore, we encourage these entities to stop supporting abortion.

Our focus is specific to the protection of innocent life. We are opposed to surgical and chemically induced abortion, including abortifacients. We are opposed to the deliberate killing of innocent human beings at any stage of life. We do not take a position on other issues such as contraception or capital punishment. Moreover, we do not advocate nor practice violence or civil disobedience.

St. Joseph County Right to Life, Inc. has a proven record of saving lives and bringing about positive change.