Center For Medical Progress Releases Yet Another Video Exposing Planned Parenthood; YouTube Removed…

Center for Medical Progress Releases Preview Footage From National Abortion Federation Conventions
Preview footage has been released from the 2014 and 2015 National Abortion Federation conventions, obtained by undercover investigators from the Center for Medical Progress. Although YouTube removed the video on Thursday, May 25, you can view most of the footage by clicking the thumbnail […]

HEA 1337 on WNIT

Kathy Black, a member of SJCRTL, recently appeared on the show “Politically Speaking” on WNIT to discuss HEA 1337 with supporters and opponents of the bill. HEA 1337 is an anti-discrimination bill that upholds the dignity of unborn children and prevents abortion based on race, gender, or disability, among other measures. Click […]

Statement on suit to block new Dignity for the Unborn law

For Immediate Release
April 7, 2016
Statement on suit to block new Dignity for the Unborn law
South Bend, Ind. – St. Joseph County Right to Life’s Executive Director Jeanette Burdell issued this statement in response to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit to block Indiana’s Dignity for the Unborn law:

“We at St. Joseph County Right […]

Statement from Catholic Medical Guilds of Indiana

Statement from Catholic Medical Guilds of Indiana

The physician members of the Catholic Medical Association in Indiana strongly support HB 1337 that includes protection of unborn children with disabilities. We applaud our legislature in passing this and heartily encourage Governor Pence to sign this bill to protect the most vulnerable of Hoosiers. […]

Take Action! HEA 1337: The Dignity for the Unborn Law

On Thursday, March 24, 2016, Governor Pence made history as he signed HEA 1337 into law. Now that the Dignity for the Unborn Law has been passed, it is critical that we show him (and the opposition) how much we appreciate his efforts to protect the […]

Gov. Pence Signs HEA 1337

Pence Commended for Signing Dignity for the Unborn Bill
New Law Bans Abortions on Basis of Potential Disability, Gender and Race, Among Other Measures

(from Indiana Right to Life)

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Right to Life commends Gov. Mike Pence for signing the dignity for the unborn bill (House Enrolled Act 1337) today.

“Gov. Pence has long been a […]

A Doctor’s Letter to Gov. Pence on HB 1337

Dear Gov Pence.

I am writing to support your signing of HB 1337. Indiana’s public policy must unequivocally support its unborn citizens, particularly those with disabilities.

In almost 28 years of pediatric practice, I have cared for many children with Down syndrome, spina bifida and other disabilities. I am well aware of the difficulties […]

An Open Letter to Governor Pence on HB 1337

Dear Governor Pence,

I am writing to urge you to sign HB 1337 because of the importance of banning abortion due to disability. My son, Tommy, was born with Down syndrome 8 years ago, and I think I speak for many parents of children with Down syndrome when I tell you that we are deeply […]

Why We Need HB 1337: A Story

Synchronicity can be so ironic. Take the confluence of two events in my life recently.

First, yesterday morning, my daughter Joan sent me word about an effort her friend organized to raise awareness about (and funds for) Sedem, a Ghanaian boy with Down syndrome who requires heart surgery – just like Joan’s little […]

Legislative Update: 3.10.16

HB 1337 Passes the House, 60-40!

Indianapolis – Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter issued this statement following concurrence this evening of House Bill 1337 by a 60-40 vote in the Indiana House:

“We are truly thankful for the passage of this historic legislation by the Indiana House and applaud the new civil […]