2014 saw the creation of our Life Team, a committed group of highly skilled presenters who are equipped to go into middle school and high school classrooms across Michiana to bring clear, powerful information to students about fetal development, abortion, and building a culture of life.  We were in four schools in 2014-2015, and we expect to be in eight schools in 2015-2016.

 Life Talk in Schools

  • Designed for a two day presentation in classrooms.
  • Clear, non-graphic information covering:
    • The sacredness of each human being.
    • Fetal development through all nine months of pregnancy.
    • The abortion procedures used in the three trimesters.
    • The history of abortion both nationally and locally.
    • How to respond compassionately to the woman in crisis pregnancy.
    • Building a culture of life in the Church and in our world.
  • Role playing and discussion allow students to process the content of this powerful presentation and practice real scenarios they may encounter.

Meet Our Team

antoniosquare Antonio Marchi, SJCRTL Program Manager, Director of Life Team

Jess Thumbnail Jessica Keating, M.Div., Director of Office of Human Dignity and Life Initiatives, ND

Cliff Thumbnail Cliff Arnold, MA, medical student at IUSB and former high school teacher

Jenn Thumbnail Jennifer Miller, M.Div., former K-8 teacher and campus minister, mother of two

Sarah Thumbnail Sarah Scarbrough, RN, former Women’s Care Center counselor, mother of two

Rick Thumbnail Richard Becker, RN, professor of nursing at Bethel College, father of seven

Mary Thumbnail Mary Korson, MBA, former Director of Office of Human Dignity and Life Initiatives, ND

Claire Thumbnail Claire Fyrqvist, Former Communications Manager and Director of Life Team at SJCRTL, mother of three



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