Hearing Results in Indefinite Suspension of Abortionist’s Medical License

After a 15-hour hearing in front of the Indiana Medical Licensing Board on Thursday, August 25, Abortionist Ulrich G. Klopfer’s license to practice medicine in the State of Indiana has been indefinitely suspended. 

St. Joseph County Right to Life leadership was present for the hearing’s entirety, along with other leading pro-life affiliates including Allen County Right to Life, Indiana Right to Life, and Indianapolis Right to Life to witness the proceedings unfold.

Of particular note, the board’s demeanor seemed to change upon Klopfer’s admission of not reporting a 10-year-old abortion patient to authorities, even though her parents informed Klopfer she was pregnant due to rape by a family member.  Klopfer’s stance that he does not judge seemed to stun the board, as several members admonished him for not realizing the seriousness of his inaction.

After 43 years of performing abortions and numerous complaints filed against Klopfer by consumers, the Department of Health, and advocacy groups, Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office filed a complaint with the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, recommending that disciplinary action be taken against Klopfer’s medical license. 

At the final hearing regarding this complaint on Thursday, the Board found Klopfer to be guilty of 5 out of the 9 allegations brought before them by the Attorney General’s Office. Among these, Klopfer was accused of the following:

  • Failing to timely report–within three days as required by law– abortions performed on 13-year old girls
  • Failing to keep up with proper professional and medical competency standards
  • Failing to obtain informed and voluntary consent for seven patients at least 18 hours prior to the abortion procedure
  • Not having qualified staff on hand to monitor anesthesia
  • Submitting over 1,800 Termination of Pregnancy Reports with omissions or errors
Although Klopfer’s ACLU attorney Mary Watts attempted to spin the argument as a trivial matter of semantics on paperwork and documentation, Deputy Attorney General Renee Galligher led the way for the State in arguing that Klopfer’s incompetencies and neglectful standards of care make him unfit to practice as a physician. 

After a full day of intense litigation, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board came to a decision just after 2 am on Friday morning. The Board voted to suspend Klopfer’s license indefinitely with a minimum of 6 months time set. Should he decide to request that his license be reinstated after that time, he will first have to complete many hours of training in CME (Continuing Medical Education), including OB/GYN, abortion, reporting, and ethics practice.  Additionally, he is being required to pay approximately $3,000 in total fines for the violations, plus Attorney General’s Office and Indiana Professional Licensing Agency fees.

Although it is unlikely that Klopfer will be able to comply with all of the Board’s orders, Klopfer is on the record during the hearing prior to ruling saying that if he were to receive his medical license, he intended to reopen abortion facilities and resume practice. 

This is a bittersweet day for our community. Although we are glad that Klopfer is not allowed to practice as a physician for an indefinite period of time, our hearts still hurt.

Our hearts hurt for the 50,000+ children that died under his care in the tri-county area. They hurt for the 10-year old girl who was raped, became pregnant, and received an abortion from Klopfer, though he chose not to report and says he has no obligation to report this sort of child abuse. They hurt for the countless women who have walked out of Klopfer’s facilities with a lifetime of pain and struggle to follow. And, lastly, our hearts hurt for Klopfer himself. 

May our restless hearts continue to be lifted in prayer for all of these individuals as we ask the Lord for open minds to know the beauty of life, open arms to serve it, and open hearts to cherish it.