BrJohnLavelle Br. John Lavelle, C.S.C. Scholarship

St. Joseph County Right to Life awards a scholarship each year to an outstanding local college student involved in the pro-life movement. We are proud to congratulate the winner of the 2017 contest, Bonita Murphy of St. Mary’s College (below).

Applications for next year’s Brother John Lavelle Scholarship will open in January of 2018.


R ro L Spring prayer 119

Bonita M. Murphy

2017 Recipient of the Br. John Lavelle, C.S.C. Scholarship

St. Joseph County Right to Life is proud to recognize Miss Bonita Murphy of St. Mary’s College for her outstanding pro-life leadership. Bonita began volunteering with the local Women’s Care Center over six years ago, babysitting, creating ultrasound scrapbooks, and running the crib club store. Continuing her steadfast volunteer work throughout high school, she channeled her God-given talents to create and teach a six-week ballet class for children of Women’s Care Center moms (most of whom could never have afforded this type of opportunity ). Throughout this time, Bonita was also committed to being a voice for the voiceless unborn by attending several local and national marches for life and speaking up for the intrinsic value of every human life  at every chance she had. As a first-year student at St. Mary’s College, Bonita now takes an active role in the Belles for Life club, designing and facilitating campus communications and resources. Bonita is a powerhouse for the pro-life cause, and we wish her the greatest of blessings as she continues answering the call to live out her pro-life values.