Commemorating Our 50th Anniversary

RTL 50 stamp-single line.jpg

Did you know? Right to Life Michiana was founded the year before Roe v Wade. Our founders had the foresight to start organizing and educating before the horrific Roe v Wade ruling. We were founded in 1972, which means 2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of Right to Life Michiana. For 50 years, we have been educating, advocating, reaching out and praying.

We have one more year before 50 years of the legalization of abortion; this year gives us an opportunity to urgently press in towards shifting the culture. We are so close. The supreme court will soon hear a case that has the potential to overturn Roe. We have more resources and pregnancy support centers than ever before. Our educational campaigns are reaching more people than ever.

To build on this momentum, we have prepared a 3-point, targeted campaign to activate our community in a big way to keep us from experiencing another 50 years of bloodshed.

1. Celebrating Success

Our founders, past presidents and volunteers worked really hard to build education and outreach programs that we still use today. We will launch a year-long video series sharing and honoring the work they have done, lives they have saved, and the families they have supported. This will launch January 2022, and videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel here

2. Fifty Pro-Life Hours

This campaign encourages YOU to do 50 pro-life hours throughout the year by volunteering or educating yourself on the issue. Hours are tracked through a dedicate webpage on the RTLM website. Once you hit 50 hours you will get a 50th Anniversary commemorative mug. We will offer suggestions and weekly challenges on our social media and e-newsletter. Follow up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sign up for the e-newsletter. Visit here to track your hours and get ideas on pro-life volunteering. 

3. Intensive Education Campaign

RTLM's presence will be known, the truth about abortion will be proclaimed, and resources for women and families will be shared. The goals for the 2022 Street Team is as follows:

  1. Visit all the homes in two zip codes: one in St. Joseph Co. and one in Elkhart Co.

  2. Have a presence once a month at the end of the school day at each of the local high schools in April and May.

We need YOU to make this possible. Click here to learn more about Street Team and sign up for training.