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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In the past few weeks, much ink has been spilt and much bandwidth reserved on the topic of the COVID-19 vaccines that are making their way through the FDA’s approval process. Even within our small office, the questions of “Which vaccines are okay to use?” “Are they safe?” and ironic jokes about conspiracy theories have circulated. Within the pro-life movement at large, however, there are some real concerns about whether a vaccine is ethically sourced, since so many are developed from the remains of aborted fetuses.

As such, we are presenting our research here. This post is intended to inform, rather than to recommend. We are presenting the facts we have uncovered and omitting any recommendation on the matter.

First, on the matter of what makes a vaccine ethically unsound for a pro-lifer to use, there are several cell lines derived from aborted tissue that are available to the pharmaceutical R&D community, two of which were used in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine: HEK293 (which is derived from the kidney of a girl aborted in 1973) [1] and PER.C6 (which is derived from the retinas of a child aborted in 1985). [2]

The Charlotte Lozier Institute has compiled a chart of the vaccines that have received Operation Warp Speed funding, including the Pfizer BNT162b (which has received the emergency approval and is currently being distributed in the US) and Moderna’s mRNA-1273 (which has also advanced to distribution in the UK). Our researchers at Right to Life Michiana have double-checked the chart and the pharmaceutical companies’ information sheets, as well as the FDA’s studies, are consistent with the chart’s findings. Here it is: [3]

In brief, the only two vaccines involved with Operation Warp Speed that use aborted fetal remains in development are made by Astra/Zeneca (ChAdOx1) and Johnson & Johnson (Ad26). While it is true that all of the vaccines in Phase 3 trials or above use these cell lines in lab testing, lab tests are not inherently involved in the creation of a vaccine, nor will the reception of a vaccine be an endorsement of the use of these cell lines. As the Catholic Pontifical Academy for Life has observed, “it is no longer necessary to obtain cells from new voluntary abortions,” [4, 5] and as such, more abortions are not necessary to continue these cell lines. Furthermore, for Catholics, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has explicitly and directly granted their approval for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. [6]

For our readers, it is also worth noting that the effect that these vaccines have on fertility and pregnancy is not entirely known [7], evidenced by two prominent doctors having written to the European Medicine Agency, asking for further research before widespread distribution of the Pfizer vaccine begins. [8]

Additionally, the Pfizer vaccine will be the first mRNA vaccine (a style of vaccine that trains the body to create and target a specific protein) to be approved in the USA. [9] The theory behind mRNA vaccines has existed for decades, but because the technology has never seen widespread distribution before, long-term effects of this type of vaccine are still the topics of many studies.










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Sometimes RTLM supporters write to the South Bend Tribune's Voice of the People column. But they don't always get printed. Here is one of those submissions.

Kamala Harris clearly lied to the American people during the debate on Wednesday, October 7th. She referred to Joe Biden as a practicing Catholic. Biden supports late term abortions. A person who supports abortion cannot say that he/she is a practicing Catholic. Just because you can dip your fingers into a holy water font, genuflect somewhat gracefully or light a blessed votive candle near a saint statue does not mean you are a Catholic.

Practicing Catholics live by certain beliefs they hold to be true. They adhere to these scriptures to guide their lives.

You shall not kill. -Exodus 20:13

I have set before you life and death... choose life, then... -Deuteronomy 30:19

Truly you have formed my inmost being. You knit me in my mother's womb. I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made. -Psalm 139:13,14

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me. Do not hinder them." -Matthew 19:14

Abortion is the opposite of these inspired words of God.

Abortion kills.

It is a choice for death.

It takes the baby being wonderfully made out of a mother's womb.

It does not allow a child to come to anyone, since it hinders a child from ever being born.

Sadly, there are Catholic priests and others who hold ministerial positions within the Church who would vote for Biden. Through their preaching and by their example, it is their responsibility as shepherds to lead their flocks to safe pastures, not drive them over dangerous cliffs.

I invite you to contemplate upon these scriptures and allow Jesus, who was born of a woman, born of a virgin, to speak to your hearts. And then, in the stillness, listen ... to Life.

Hail Mary, full of grace, blessed is thee fruit of your womb. -Luke 1

Written by Frances Barna on October 12th, 2020

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Jacke Stout Shares Jake Teshka's Pro-life Record "Join me in support of Jake Teshka for Indiana State Representative. Throughout the country, there is political pro-life momentum. We have an enhanced opportunity to fight and repeal Roe v Wade and give the states the opportunity to legislate the matter. It is important that we continue to elect pro-life leaders here in Indiana. Jake is a pro-life advocate and a leading voice in bringing the baby box to the city of Mishawaka. He made similar appeals to South Bend city leaders.  He will support and promote pro-life legislation that is proposed in the Indiana House. Jake voted against a legislative proposal put forth by the South Bend Mayor’s office that would have lowered the barriers to abortion services. Specifically, he voted NO when asked, “zoning, legislative and funding decisions that lower barriers to community members seeking all options to reproductive health care, including abortion services. Jake Teshka is committed to protecting the unborn and defending the defenseless.  As a State Representative he will support all pro-life bills and veto those that promote abortion. For these reasons I am supporting Jake Teshka on Nov. 4th." -Jackie Stout, South Bend Resident

Attorney General Candidate Endorsed by Planned Parenthood 

 Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky has endorsed candidate for Indiana Attorney General, Jonathan Weinzapfel.  His official campaign website,, clarifies his position on abortion, "Jonathan believes that Roe v.  Wade is settled constitutional law and that women's reproductive decisions should be private. Ultimately, Jonathan believes we should trust women to make the right decisions with regard to their reproductive choices."

Weinzapfel is running against Todd Rokita. Rokita was been endorsed by Indiana Right to Life.

Judging the Judges 

Chances are, you've walked into a polling station, received your ballot, and realized you have no idea which judges are pro-life. Unless a judge has ruled on a pro-life case, it is often difficult to determine his/her stance on life issues. Looking at the governor who appointed the judge can be a helpful tool.

Here is a list of State judges on your ballot: 

Judge Melissa May, Indiana Court of Appeals 4th District (appointed by Gov. Frank O'Bannon D)

Judge Margret Robb,  Indiana Court of Appeals 5th District (appointed by Gov. Frank O'Bannon D)

Judge Elizabeth Tavitas, Indiana Court of Appeals 3rd District (appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb R)

Judge Elain Brown, Indiana Court of Appeals 5th District (appointed by Gov. Mitch Daniels R) 

Judge Christopher Goff, Indiana Supreme Court (appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb R)

Note: Right to Life Michiana is a 501c(3) nonprofit and does NOT endorse political candidates. We do educate on candidate positions and share endorsements from political pro-life groups/individuals. Check out our fully voter guide here 

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