The Kloska Family Life Defenders Boot Camp

Since the decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973, over 61 million unborn human lives have been lost to abortion. This is more than all the American lives lost to war since our nation’s inception. Can’t quite grasp these numbers? Check out this Audio Perspective on Abortion:

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In response to this crisis, each year, St. Joseph County Right to Life hosts the Kloska Family Life Defenders Boot Camp, an in-depth training for youth and adults (recommended age: 8th grade and up).

Check back during the Fall 2019 for information on the 2020 Boot Camp!

Boot Camp Testimonies

"The Life Defenders Boot Camp helped me learn how to defend human life effectively.  It gave me confidence to tell others about the value and dignity of the human person.  Now I feel very prepared to explain what I believe."

John Paul Fitzmaurice, Active Duty Air Force

"I learned a lot about the true science of abortion.  This made me extremely motivated to stand for both the unborn and the women involved because they both deserve so much more than what they get with an abortion."

Annie Henry, Marian High School Junior

"I learned a lot about how to articulate my fundamental beliefs, and I met the love of my life there."

Eoin Lyon, Hillsdale College Sophmore 

"My husband and I came to the Boot Camp not knowing much about the current situation on abortion. We left with resources and were equipped to defend life in a respectful way whether it is a mother with a crisis pregnancy or a person contemplating physician assisted suicide because of pain in their body".

Katia Birdie, Right to Life Office Manager


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