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Pro-Life Christian Commission ​

The Pro-Life Christian Commission is a network of area churches committed to preaching and living a pro-life ethic. Church leaders are in a unique position to spread the gospel of life. Right to Life Michiana is committed to supporting our area churches by providing pastoral and educational resources, bringing training and workshops to your church, and gathering church leaders once a year to pray for an end to abortion. 

If you are interested in joining the Pro-Life Christian Commission, please fill out this short form

Below are resources available for your use. If you would like a physical copy of the Toward Life, A Clergyman's Guide, please contact Right to Life here. If you would like to bring a training or workshop to your church, please contact Griffin here

Toward Life, A Clergyman's Guide


Section 1: Theological Evidence

Theology: from the Greek theos, meaning God, and logos, meaning word,

theology is the study of God and what He has spoken to His people.

Theology is faith seeking understanding. What has God revealed to us

about the Sanctity of Life. 

  1. Evidence of Sanctity of Life in Scripture

    1. Why Abortion Is a Church Issue

    2. Character of Congregations

    3. Responding to Theological Arguments for Abortion

    4. Pro-life Scripture

  2. Science and Theology

    1. Human Life is Sacred

    2. Fetal Development

Section 2: Abortion and Euthanasia

When the fundamental sacredness of the human person is not upheld the exaltation of the self gives rise to a worldview that treats human life as disposable, event to the extent that the lives of others are allowed to be extinguished for convenience. 

While this world view is proving to decrease respect for life at every stage, its impact is, perhaps, most profound at the beginning and end of life. As a result, it targets some of the most vulnerable members of society: the preborn and those approaching the end of life.


  1. Abortion

    1. The Procedures​​

    2. The History and Prevalence, The Law, The Adverse Effects, and The Local Clinics

  2. Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia (PAS/E)

    1. The Procedures, The History and Prevalence, The Law, and The Adverse Effects

  3. Other Issues Threatening Innocent, Preborn Human Life

    1. Abortifacient Contraceptives​, In Vitro Fertilization, Harvesting of Aborted Fetal Remains, Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and Human Cloning 

Section 3: Pastoral Response

"When mercy and truth have met together, righteousness and peace have kissed." - Psalm 85

Goal: Every member of your congregation should know:

  1. Here’s what we believe: It is not sinful in and of itself to be in a state of pregnancy. The actions that led to becoming pregnant may have been sinful, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being a mother. We love babies. We hate when babies are killed.

  2. Here’s what we will do:

    1. Celebrate parents and the life in the womb

    2. Connect women and families with local resources

    3. Approach with love, grace, and friendship

    4. Teach how to deal with shame through forgiveness

    5. Throw a baby shower and/or celebrate the baby’s birth

  3. Here’s what we won’t do:

    1. Encourage anyone to have an abortion

    2. Kick a man or woman out of the church because of a pregnancy

    3. Shame or judge them

  1. Ministering in the Face of Abortion

    1. Approaching the Abortion-Vulnerable Woman​

    2. Sharing the Option of Adoption

    3. Ministering to the Post-Abortive Individual

    4. Abortion Apologetics: Responds to "Exceptions"

  2. Ministering in the Face of Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia 

    1. Approaching the Physician Assisted Suicide-Vulnerable Individual​

    2. Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Apologetics

  3. Ministering in the Dace of Other Challenges

    1. Ministering to Parents Who Receive an Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis​

    2. Ministering to Parents in the Face of Prenatal Infant Loss

Section 4: Faith In Action

Right to Life Michiana seeks to promote life through outreach, education, prayer, and advocacy. As we pursue this mission, we offer many resources and opportunities to our local churches, and we, in turn, rely on your help and support.


  1. Partnering with Right to Life Michiana

    1. Church Liaison Program​​

      1. Church Liaison sign up

    2. Teaching the Church to Share the Pro-Life Message, and Volunteer and Giving Opportunities 

  2. Practical Application of the Pro-Life Message

    1. Outreach​, Education, Prayer and Advocacy

Section 5: Pastoral Resources

  1. Prayer and Preaching Resources

    1. Sermon Suggestions​

      1. Imago Dei​

      2. Love Never Fails

    2. Prayer Cards

      1. To order prayer cards, email Jackie at with which card/s you want and quantity. Cards are $2.70/10 cards. 

    3. Newsletter and Bulletin Inserts

      1. 100 Practical Ways to Live Out Your Pro-Life Values

      2. Chemical Abortion and Abortion Pill Reversal

      3. Personal Testimony: Finding Love in the Face of a Poor Prenatal Diagnosis 

  2. Local Resource Guide

    1. For Women and Children​

    2. For the Ill and Elderly

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