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Sidewalk Advocacy

Sidewalk Advocates stand at the abortion business and reach out to women with love and support. They are the last chance for abortion-vulnerable women to hear a pro-life voice encouraging them to choose life for their child.

Crisis Pregnancy Media Campaign

Our billboards, bus stop benches, bus ads, TV commercials, yard signs, and digital ads target those who are experiencing crisis pregnancies, directing them to nearby pregnancy resource centers. Each year, hundreds chose life after seeing our billboard.

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Adoption Media Campaign

This campaign helps mothers who feel trapped by an unplanned pregnancy to see that there are positive, life-affirming options that value the life of both mother and child. This campaign makes more than 500 connections each year.

Right to Life Street Team

Volunteers and paid canvassers go door to door engaging residents in conversations about abortion and sharing local resources. Homes also receive a follow up mailing.

Church Outreach

Church leaders are in a unique position to spread the gospel of life. This outreach supports our area churches by providing pastoral and educational resources, bringing training and workshops, and gathering church leaders once a year to pray for an end to abortion.

Post-Abortion Outreach

This campaign reaches out to post-abortive women and men, helping them to find hope, healing, and forgiveness in spite of a past abortion. In doing so, we are also helping to stop potential repeat abortions.

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