50 Pro-Life Hours

How will we end abortion? By living our pro-life ethic in our day to day life. Join us in the 50 Pro-Life Hours Campaign, by committing to do 50 pro-life hours throughout the year by volunteering with RTLM, educating yourself on the issue, or supporting mothers in your life. Hours are tracked by filling out the form below. Once you hit 50 hours, you will get a 50th Anniversary commemorative mug. 

Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas:

  • Attend or volunteer at the following RTLM’s programs and events:

    • SB March for Life

    • Elkhart Rally & Prayer for Life

    • Boot Camp

    • Prayer Dinner

    • Benefit Dinner

    • Life Team Presentation

    • Street Team

    • Sidewalk Advocacy

    • 4-H Fair

    • Life Chain

  • Submit a scholarship entry (7th grade - college student only)

  • Pray at the abortion business

  • Volunteer at the RTLM office

  • Any activity listed on our 100 Practical Ways to Live Out Your Pro-Life Values sheet