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Local Stories

Shakara: Crisis Pregnancy

Shakara found the "sign" she was looking for after reading, "Pregnant? Someone Cares." If Shakara had not seen the Right to Life sponsored billboard, she would probably never have seen her baby.  On her way to the abortion clinic, she decided to first call the number on the billboard.  “Before seeing that billboard, I was pro-choice.  Now I’m pro-baby.  I learned that choosing life doesn’t mean your life has to be ruined.  I am more successful now with my baby than without him.”

Adri: Crisis Pregnancy and Adoption

As a first year student at a local university, Adri experienced a crisis pregnancy. After going to the South Bend Women’s Pavilion for an abortion, she walked out, knowing that she couldn’t go through with it. Adri chose life and adoption for her baby, who is now 14 and shares thriving relationships with both her birth mom and adoptive family. Adri, happily married with two children, now speaks out as a voice for Right to Life, advocating for the courageous and loving option of adoption. Her story is featured in our Adoption Campaign TV commercials, which can be seen at!

Cassie: Conceived in Rape, Adopted

Although Cassie was conceived through a terrible act of violence, her mother recognized the beauty and dignity of Cassie's life. Determined to press forward, Cassie's mom chose life and love for Cassie through adoption. Cassie was given the best childhood she could imagine, and she now has two girls of her own who are her pride and joy. She is currently working on a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and she hopes to reach women who might change their minds about abortion. Read the full feature article about Cassie and her family here!

Deb: Post-Abortion Healing

During her young adult life, Deb found herself in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy and chose to have an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility. Although this action "left a black hole on her heart," Deb found hope, healing, and forgiveness from her abortion many years later. She now speaks out to others, sharing her heartbreaking story and trying to spare other women the same pain that she faced after having an abortion. Read the full feature article about Deb's journey, here!

Jessie, Corey, and Baby Elias: Poor Pre-Natal Diagnosis

When Jess and Corey were 23 weeks pregnant with their third little one, they found out he had been developing with a condition called anencephaly, which was causing parts of his brain to develop outside his skull. Doctors advised them that it would be much "easier" to terminate now than go through the loss later, but Jess and Corey knew what was right. Jessica carried baby Elias for several months before he was born, and together their family enjoyed countless precious moments together. Though Elias didn't survive long outside the womb, the moments they did have were filled with great grace. Read the full feature article about Jess and Corey's time with baby Elias, here.

Mary, Tommy, and Family: Cognitive Disability

The reality that most children born with Down syndrome are aborted never struck Mary until holding her own son, Tommy, in her arms. From this very moment, it was clear to her that the goodness and sweetness of his life were of infinite value. Every day, Tommy brings a special and unique awakening to the hearts of Mary and her family. Although portions of a recent Indiana abortion law were struck down which would have prohibited the abortion of individuals based on genetic disability, Mary continues to speak out for the intrinsic worth of her son and others with cognitive disabilities, advocating for their fundamental right to life. Read the full feature article about Mary, Tommy, and their family here

Josh and Family: Terminal Illness

Over three years ago, Josh was diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma and given just 16 months to live. At the same time, Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with the same cancer, and she moved to Oregon, choosing to end her life. Josh and his family have experienced incredible graces in the face of his suffering, discovering how to truly live with great intentionality through it all. Recently, Josh's wife, Rosary, gave birth to their seventh (six living) child, after being told that chemo would keep them from ever conceiving again. 

He is now over three years cancer-free and serves as a critical voice on our Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide Prevention and Monitoring Task Force, helping to educate on the beauty that can come from the gift of life, even in times of great suffering.

Read about Josh's journey on our page: "The Truth About Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide." 

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