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Introducing the HerMichiana Mobile Unit!

- LATEST DEVELOPMENTS - March 24: Vehicle Picked up in Fort Wayne!

Check back here to follow progress as the vehicle is modified, rebranded, and readied to hit the road!


Introducing a new way to connect Michiana women with CARE... According to the International Journal for Equity in Health (2020)*, from the years 2007 to 2017, mobile clinics provided a median number of 3,491 visits annually and more than half their clients were women (55%) and minorities (59%). The HerMichiana mobile unit will be a place where women can receive personalized plans of care, with the help of a case manager, accessing a network of over 200 local resources.


Mobile units are used in many different industries. Planned Parenthood has launched mobile units that set up close to the border of states that have outlawed abortion, where they provide the abortion pill to pregnant women and plan to eventually offer surgical abortions. A company called "Just the Pill" also recently announced their plans to provide mobile clinic-based abortion pills These mobile sites are becoming increasingly popular as states work to ban abortions. We now know that Michigan will be a hub for women seeking abortions, regardless of the pending decision on Indiana's SEA 1. A HerMichiana mobile unit will offer a visible and easily-accessible alternative to abortion-vulnerable women. A mobile unit will be ready for use next to Whole Woman's Health Alliance in South Bend and easily transferrable to meet the next threat.

Underwriting Opportunities

  • Purchase a Recreational Vehicle: GENEROUSLY DONATED

  • Modifying the Interior of the Vehicle - $2,000

  • Wrapping the Exterior of the Vehicle - $5,000

  • Stock Vehicle with Resources - $3,000

  • Fund Case Manager through Year One - $20,000


Malone, N. C., Williams, M. M., Smith Fawzi, M. C., Bennet, J., Hill, C., Katz, J. N., & Oriol, N. E. (2020). Mobile Health Clinics in the United States. International Journal for Equity in Health, 19(1).


McCammon, S. (2022, October 3). Planned Parenthood Mobile Clinic will take abortion to red-state borders. NPR. Retrieved November 11, 2022, from

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