Respect Life Month Testimony: Being a Pro-Life Family

By St. Joseph County Right to Life | October 31, 2018, 3:00pm


SOUTH BEND, Ind. —  The following is part of St. Joseph County Right to Life's Respect Life Month campaign for 2018. Antonio Marchi is the featured Wednesday Warrior for Life for the series' fifth Wednesday testimony. This testimony, written by his wife, Jenny, may not be used without the express permission of Antonio or Jenny Marchi.


I first met Antonio when we were freshmen in high school. We both attended an Antioch youth retreat and quickly became very close friends. His love for the Faith despite trying circumstances was very inspiring to me, and I vividly remember thinking that he was the type of person I would want to marry someday. It never crossed my mind that that would actually happen!


Flash forward about 7 years and we were eagerly making plans for our wedding. Antonio had also begun working for St. Joe County Right to Life, which quickly became the topic of many of our conversations. He showed (and still does) such genuine concern for everything that the organization stood for and was constantly working to make their mission known – not only in St. Joseph County, but also in our family.


Around the same time I was battling a few medical conditions and doctors told me it would be very hard to conceive a child. The thought of never being able to carry a child terrified me, but Antonio never waivered. His strong devotion to the Lord called him on to constantly pray for our future children. 11 months after we were married, our daughter, Mariella, was born. Her beautiful life is nothing short of a miracle, and one that we thank God for every day.

Throughout his years at Right to Life, Antonio has taught, informed, and inspired countless people by educating in the schools, speaking at rallies and benefit dinners, and through his leadership in Antioch Youth Ministry. Most importantly to me, however, is how he instills a love for life in our home. One of Antonio’s favorite quotes is from St. Teresa of Calcutta, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”