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Bruce's Story

In 1983, seventeen-year-old Bruce and sixteen-year-old Serena were frightened when they discovered they were pregnant, as they both were still in high school. Not only was Bruce incredibly nervous to tell his devout Christian parents that he was having sex out of wedlock, he also did not know what to do as his only source of income was working weekend shifts at McDonalds.

While leaving their ultrasound appointment at Planned Parenthood in Elkhart, the thought of having an abortion crossed Bruce’s mind. After mentioning this thought to Serena, Serena shared with Bruce that she had an abortion at the age of thirteen after she was sexually assaulted. Serena went on to share that the abortion was more traumatic and painful than the rape and told Bruce that she could never go through that horrifying experience again. Bruce agreed. The two decided to get married and choose life.

After telling Bruce’s parents about their pregnancy, Bruce’s parents became disappointed about their behavior, however offered their support to the young couple. Bruce and Serena met with the pastor at Bruce’s parents’ church and the church had a baby shower for Serena.

Cassie was born in March of 1983. Bruce turned eighteen in May and then married Serena in June, graduating from high school the very same day. The newlyweds had a brief honeymoon at a Goshen hotel before Bruce started working at his father’s remodeling company the next Monday.

Bruce is now a father of two children, Cassie and Carter, a devoted husband and grandfather, and the owner of his father’s business.

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