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Growing up, Cassie had often heard of people opposing abortion with “exceptions” in the cases of rape and incest. Although she couldn’t imagine the horror of these tragedies happening to a woman, she “never really understood how any child could be an exception to those worthy of this beautiful life.” This may be, perhaps, because this very scenario hits close to home for Cassie, who would not be here today without the heroic courage of a selfless young woman and a compassionate couple who chose to lay themselves down so that Cassie might have life.

Cassie’s birth mother was raped at the age of 19. Although she was the innocent victim of a heinous crime, she soon discovered that she was not the only innocent victim. Realizing that her baby had been conceived in spite of this act of violence, she courageously chose to press on through the pregnancy, refusing to allow herself or her baby to be defined by the crime that was forced upon her.

However, during the pregnancy, Cassie’s birth mother began to feel that she could not give Cassie the life she deserved, so she started considering adoption. As Cassie imagines now, “placing your baby in the hands of someone else is a scary thought,” but her birth mother made this sacrifice out of love for her. Echoing this sacrifice, Cassie’s adoptive parents welcomed her into their family with loving arms. As Cassie recounts, she grew up doing “everything a kid dreams of doing” alongside her older brother Joshua, who was also adopted, and her younger brother Jacob, a joyous surprise conceived a few years later. “Although we each had different beginnings, our family has always felt whole.” Through the grace of adoption, Cassie received life. Many years later, she is overjoyed to be getting a taste of the love her birth mother and adoptive parents had for her, as she is the mother of “two of the most wonderful little girls in the world.” Being adopted has had a profound impact on Cassie’s life, teaching her to “have a very kind heart and to be empathetic in every situation.” Much related to her upbringing, Cassie’s desire to help people in difficult times has led her to pursue a career in Marriage and Family Therapy. She hopes that her degree will allow her to reach out to someone who will change her mind about abortion.

“To anyone considering abortion, I can say that you have not known a love as great as the love you’ll have for your child. The feeling that you have now will pale in comparison to the feeling you’ll have when they take their first steps or say ‘mama’ for the first time.” For those considering adoption, Cassie assures, “There is no shame in letting another family raise your child. In fact, it may be one of the bravest things a woman in our society can do.” Cassie and her family are proof of the beautiful possibilities that are born forth from courage in the face of struggle and sacrifice.


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