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Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for our new Right to Life blog, The Heart of Our Work.

Every week, we'll publish one or two posts which will offer a window into the experience of working full-time to protect the dignity of all innocent human life. Here, we will reflect on our day-to-day work: our outreach, education, advocacy, and prayer efforts out in the community. We'll share defenses for the pro-life worldview for you to use in conversation and discuss ways for you to break through the backdrop of heavy manipulation.

From time to time, we hope to share musings from our personal prayer, and write brief reflections on the life issues in light of the changing cultural context of the modern day.

We hope that you will follow our work and thereby glean a small bit of what we do "behind the scenes" here in our office.

See you for our next post!

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Right to Life Michiana works to protect life from conception to natural death. In support of this mission, we encourage all pro-lifers to learn about the current pro-life legislation, call their state