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Final Election Thoughts

Jacke Stout Shares Jake Teshka's Pro-life Record "Join me in support of Jake Teshka for Indiana State Representative. Throughout the country, there is political pro-life momentum. We have an enhanced opportunity to fight and repeal Roe v Wade and give the states the opportunity to legislate the matter. It is important that we continue to elect pro-life leaders here in Indiana. Jake is a pro-life advocate and a leading voice in bringing the baby box to the city of Mishawaka. He made similar appeals to South Bend city leaders.  He will support and promote pro-life legislation that is proposed in the Indiana House. Jake voted against a legislative proposal put forth by the South Bend Mayor’s office that would have lowered the barriers to abortion services. Specifically, he voted NO when asked, “zoning, legislative and funding decisions that lower barriers to community members seeking all options to reproductive health care, including abortion services. Jake Teshka is committed to protecting the unborn and defending the defenseless.  As a State Representative he will support all pro-life bills and veto those that promote abortion. For these reasons I am supporting Jake Teshka on Nov. 4th." -Jackie Stout, South Bend Resident

Attorney General Candidate Endorsed by Planned Parenthood 

 Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky has endorsed candidate for Indiana Attorney General, Jonathan Weinzapfel.  His official campaign website, weinzapfelforag.com, clarifies his position on abortion, "Jonathan believes that Roe v.  Wade is settled constitutional law and that women's reproductive decisions should be private. Ultimately, Jonathan believes we should trust women to make the right decisions with regard to their reproductive choices."

Weinzapfel is running against Todd Rokita. Rokita was been endorsed by Indiana Right to Life.

Judging the Judges 

Chances are, you've walked into a polling station, received your ballot, and realized you have no idea which judges are pro-life. Unless a judge has ruled on a pro-life case, it is often difficult to determine his/her stance on life issues. Looking at the governor who appointed the judge can be a helpful tool.

Here is a list of State judges on your ballot: 

Judge Melissa May, Indiana Court of Appeals 4th District (appointed by Gov. Frank O'Bannon D)

Judge Margret Robb,  Indiana Court of Appeals 5th District (appointed by Gov. Frank O'Bannon D)

Judge Elizabeth Tavitas, Indiana Court of Appeals 3rd District (appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb R)

Judge Elain Brown, Indiana Court of Appeals 5th District (appointed by Gov. Mitch Daniels R) 

Judge Christopher Goff, Indiana Supreme Court (appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb R)

Note: Right to Life Michiana is a 501c(3) nonprofit and does NOT endorse political candidates. We do educate on candidate positions and share endorsements from political pro-life groups/individuals. Check out our fully voter guide here 

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