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June vs. Russo Decision

On Monday, June 29th, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down a Louisiana law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges to local hospitals.

Admitting privileges laws promote the health and safety of women. They ensure that a woman experiencing complications from an abortion can receive 24/7 medical care from a physician who has direct communication with her abortionist.

Admitting privileges laws are especially crucial for the abortion industry given that abortion facilities are not usually prepared to handle complications themselves and that abortionists frequently travel from facility to facility and are not available to treat abortion complications.

The importance of this protection was seen locally with Dr. Klopfer. Several South Bend women were sent to the emergency due to complications. In one case a woman needed a hysterectomy.

“Abortion always dismembers, starves and poisons a human being. And it can also cause physical harm to the mother. While the Supreme Court again denied protections to our most vulnerable population, they also further jeopardized the health and safety of women.” Right to Life Michiana Executive Director Jackie Appleman said. “Too often, the court system allows the abortion lobby to play politics over women’s health. We saw that just last year in Indiana when a federal judge allowed Whole Woman’s Health Alliance to open an abortion business without a license.”

“Furthermore, June Medical Service’s case is spearheaded by an abortion industry that profits from vulnerable women. Their plaintiffs are not women, much less pregnant women seeking abortions. This conflict of interest endangers the health of women and shows the abortion industry is not interested in the health and livelihood of neither mom nor child.”

Right to Life Michiana will continue to advocate the health and safety of Hoosier women and children until abortion is unnecessary and unthinkable.

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