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Melissa's Story

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Melissa was 27 years old when she found out she was pregnant. Her family and friends urged her to have an abortion. They all chipped in to raise the $400 she needed for the procedure. No one suggested that she have her baby.

She was 8 weeks along when she went to the Women’s Pavilion for the abortion. Before entering the building, she heard the voice of a sidewalk counselor calling out to her. She walked over to the young man and began to talk with him. The sidewalk counselor explained that her baby had a heartbeat and was a person. After praying with him, the young man asked her to be open to any sign that God may be telling her not to go through with the abortion. She promised him that she would not proceed if she experienced any kind of sign.

When Melissa entered the building, they locked the door behind her. She remembers that it was dark and cold inside. They asked her to put on a gown and lay on a table. She said there was a stand next to the table with a plastic bag attached to a hoop at the top. Melissa knew that was where they would put her aborted baby, and she thought “I don’t want my baby to be put in there.”

Then the abortionist came in and did an ultrasound. When he looked at the image, he gasped. The screen was facing away from her, so Melissa asked to see the image. But the abortionist said she couldn’t. He then called the nurse and staff in to show them the ultrasound, and they all had the same surprised reaction. Melissa insisted on seeing the image, and said she was going to get up if they didn’t turn the screen. A nurse suggested that she shouldn’t see it because it may make it harder on her emotionally after the abortion was over. She insisted and so they finally showed her.

The abortionist pointed out two babies on the image. Melissa had twins. And that was her sign.

She immediately got up and left the room, saying they weren’t going to kill her babies. The nurse followed her and tried to talk her out of leaving. She tried to convince Melissa that abortion was the best option for her. But she asked them how they could do this—murder babies. She said the nurse told her that her conscience was clear and that she was a Christian, went to church, and read the Bible. Melissa told the nurse that her God was different, and left.

Seven months later, Melissa gave birth to two beautiful daughters who are now the center of her life. She says most women are scared when they find out they’re pregnant, and that many would change their minds about abortion if someone would just support their decision to have the baby. From her experience, Melissa understands that most women look for an excuse not to abort, and all it takes is one person to say that they shouldn’t.

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