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I come from a divorced single family, non-denominational Christian faith background where abortion and sex were never discussed.

At the age of 17, I had a boyfriend who was very different than any other guy I had met. He was older, more mature, and he didn’t try making the moves on me by the first date. I knew at 17 I was too young for sexual activity, but my thought was I wanted to be prepared and have prevention when “it” happened.

So, I went to Planned Parenthood for my pap smear and birth control; that’s what everyone my age was doing so why not? I turned 18 and thought it was okay to have sex with my boyfriend because I was technically an “adult”. Well, there was a scare that night. I told him that I would just take the “Plan B Pill.” After we read the side effects of taking this medication, we both thought I would just wait and see if I was pregnant instead, as I heard from friends at school there was a way of “taking care of it” if I was. Luckily, I was not pregnant.

At that time, I had no idea what it truly meant when people said Planned Parenthood would “take care of everything.” Like it was as easy as driving to the grocery store or riding a bike. In high school, it was, “the norm.” You go to Planned Parenthood to get birth control, so your parents don’t find out and if you were pregnant, they had options: Plan B pill or an abortion.

Fast forward 16 years; I have been married for 10 years to that boyfriend of mine. We have three children. I converted to the Catholic faith in 2016 when I was pregnant with my second. Each year at our parish, I would see Right to Life posters. I just kept hearing the Holy Spirit saying, “Go! Go and learn and make a difference!”

One night, I sat awake crying and thinking about the day I could have aborted my baby if I had been pregnant at 18. After having many discussions with my mother in-law regarding abortion, she knew I was interested in learning more and invited me to the Right to Life dinner. We later saw the movie

“Unplanned”. That was it! I decided to become a sidewalk counselor in hopes to make a difference in some way. Becoming a mother and getting closer to Christ, I learned that there aren’t two options for women. I believe there’s only one; to grow the life that God created inside of your womb.

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