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Pro-life Response to The Cut’s “What You Can do to Help Women in States with Extreme Abortion”

The Cut recently published an article “What you can do to help women in States with Extreme Abortion Bans”. The article seeks to offer ways to “advocate for the people these laws could impact”. What kind of support and advocacy do you offer for women who are seeking an abortion? According to The Cut, the only way to help women, is not to engage directly with the women, but to give money to abortion providers, volunteer at abortion clinics, and speak out in favor of abortion. These are not solutions to help women. These are solutions to help the abortion industry continue to make money.

I reject the notion that the only way to help women is to give money and time to abortion businesses. Women need more. Women deserve more. “Extreme” abortion bills necessitate extreme support for women. But the pro-life movement has been offering extreme support for women all along.

Here are real and practical ways to help women facing unplanned pregnancies.

1. Know about the help available. And share it. There are many wonderful resources nationally and in your local community that offer services for women and mothers. Learn who they are and what they do. Keep contact info on you and share with others who are seeking support. Here is a source to get your started: https://helpinyourarea.com.