• Right to Life

Promoting Life Through the Fruits of Wisdom

by Emma Ladwig, Communications Manager, St. Joseph County Right to Life

A neatly typed Bible verse, James 3:17, currently occupies the top left corner of the calendar hanging above my desk. It serves as a reminder that God’s wisdom and His plan for His people must always intimately influence my work for the pro-life cause. All that I and my colleagues at St. Joseph County Right to Life do to educate our community, reach out to the vulnerable, and advocate for true respect for every person must reflect the fruits of God’s own wisdom, as referenced in the verse: “The wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, gentle, compliant, full of mercy, and good fruits, without inconstancy or insincerity.”

It is in our ability to draw from God’s wisdom that our successes in the pro-life movement stem, and more than ever recently, those successes can be marked by the fruits of God’s wisdom mentioned in this verse: purity, peace, gentleness, compliance, mercy, constancy, and sincerity.

Recent months have brought many threats against life in our community. Threats that incense me as a pro-lifer, and threats that cause great ire to well up in me as a woman. Even with such a guide as James 3:17, choosing to draw upon God’s wisdom instead of reacting emotionally in a split second can prove difficult.

Take for example, the intrusion of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA) into the public sphere of South Bend and the surrounding area. WWHA is a Texas-based abortion chain, which purchased a building on Lincolnway West. Their intent was to begin operating as a chemical abortion facility, where women seeking abortions could take a series of pills to kill their child in utero then expel the infant by triggering contractions.

WWHA Owned Property on Lincolnway West

WWHA’s encroachment on our community deeply upset me. South Bend had just shut down the Women’s Pavilion abortion clinic only two years before, and now a new facility was trying to sweep in and wreak destruction? Particularly frustrating to me was the fact that WWHA, even simply with its name, presented itself as a place of health and completeness for women. In reality, it could not be further from that standard.