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Statement on Clay High School Presentation

On Tuesday May 11th, two Right to Life Michiana employees joined a post-abortive woman to present to a health class at Clay High School. The Right to Life Michiana presenters shared medical and scientific facts about fetal development and abortion procedures.

Additionally, they shared information about local nonprofits who provide support to women in need. Resources shared included help for any crisis; unplanned pregnancy, abuse, food/clothing needs, domestic violence, housing help, medical concerns, STI testing, job help, etc.

The post-abortive woman shared her personal testimony of having an abortion while in high school.

None of the presenters prayed or talked about religion or the political nature of abortion.

There has been a concerted effort by many in the community to spread misinformation about the content of the presentation. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the initial contact made to the school was a student or parent of a student who was present in the class.

Todd Cummings, Superintendent of South Bend Community School Corp., has placed the teacher on paid leave. Cummings released a statement yesterday afternoon accusing the teacher of violating protocol by not approving the presentation with the administration beforehand.

Known as the “lost year” within the schools, many protocols and policies have not been followed this year due to COVID-19. The school corporation has not yet addressed the question as to whether this policy is routinely ignored by staff and if there are other cases of the policy being violated without consequence. This leads us to question whether this teacher is being unjustly targeted based on politics.

James Bopp Jr., lawyer and founder of The Bopp Law Firm, says “The school corporation’s actions have all the hallmarks of viewpoint and religious discrimination."

Mike Jacob, RTLM Outreach Coordinator, says “Our local leftist groups are attempting to destroy this black man’s career for educating his students on the leading cause of death in the black community. While we wish protocols had been communicated and followed, this toxic response is unjustified.”

If you wish to reach out to Todd Cummings to encourage him to end the unjust targeting and reinstate this teacher, you may reach him at ctoddcummings@sb.school.

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