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#SupportingMoms Stories

We're highlighting how mom's are supported in our community and how our moms support us!  Help us to celebrate moms by sharing one way your mom has supported you.

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When I was six and wanted to be a shepherd...she spent hours stenciling baby sheep around the walls of my bedroom.

When I succeeded in my campaign to go to “real school”, but cried every morning from separation anxiety… she bought me a beanie baby every week that I “could go without tears”.

When I loved Harry Potter...she wrote a Hogwarts acceptance letter and tied it around a stuffed owl on my windowsill, to wake up to on my 11th birthday. When I won an award in college...she flew 850 miles to surprise me for the ceremony.

When I didn’t want to apply to SLP grad school… She listened to all the reasons I’d never be accepted, and told me to try anyway.

When I want to climb steep mountain cliffs with narrow footholds and precarious ladder rungs… she comes with me. ❤