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We're highlighting how mom's are supported in our community and how our moms support us!  Help us to celebrate moms by sharing one way your mom has supported you.

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When I was six and wanted to be a shepherd...she spent hours stenciling baby sheep around the walls of my bedroom.

When I succeeded in my campaign to go to “real school”, but cried every morning from separation anxiety… she bought me a beanie baby every week that I “could go without tears”.

When I loved Harry Potter...she wrote a Hogwarts acceptance letter and tied it around a stuffed owl on my windowsill, to wake up to on my 11th birthday. When I won an award in college...she flew 850 miles to surprise me for the ceremony.

When I didn’t want to apply to SLP grad school… She listened to all the reasons I’d never be accepted, and told me to try anyway.

When I want to climb steep mountain cliffs with narrow footholds and precarious ladder rungs… she comes with me. ❤


One of my favorite things about my mom was how supportive she was. I would often go to her for advice on life decisions and would frequently not take that advice (and looking back, she was usually right).

But no matter the decision I made, once it was made, she was 100% behind me. Traveling to help me paint my new office for a job she advised I didn't take, buying pets toys for a pet she suggested I was too busy for, writing letters to get donors to fund a trip I was taking.

She was always there, always helping, always encouraging, always loving.


  Putting us first, making meals, cleaning the house, homeschooling us, and somehow making it all look easy…

I don’t know how my mom did it. Now that I’m a mom, I’m beyond grateful for all of her advice and support as I raise my children.


My Mom taught me what unconditional love is. As a child, I basked--and rested--obliviously secure--in the shelter of that love. Mom was my security and my peace. Did I love her? It was a question that never even crossed my mind. I simply took her love and protection for granted, like the air I breathed--never stopping to consider what it cost her. (I do recall thinking she was the most beautiful woman in the world, however!)

As I grew up, she watched, with few reprimands, as I made mistakes; some of them serious and hurtful. I am sure she recognized the stupidity of many of my actions and attitudes, but wisely recognized what she could and could not influence. Instead, she remained quietly available, ready to assist whenever and however she might. She never condemned; perhaps she recognized that certain actions have their own costly consequences, and that there is no corrective for the internal suffering that inevitably accompanies wrongdoing. Her role--still--was to be there to help ease such self-inflicted wounds. She was rarely sentimental. Just always, always available.

On a lighter note, Mom taught me the joy of reading, of escaping "reality" through the pages of a really good book. She helped foster the growth of my imagination and my love for literature long before I was aware that these were more than mere toys for my entertainment. And when I was eight years old, she very patiently taught me how to knit my first pot-holder. Those patient lessons, with many others to expand on them, gradually grew into a life-long hobby that we have shared, off and on, down the years.

Mom, you've put up with so much from us kids through the decades, including being taken for granite...ahem, I mean granted! There are simply no words or gestures that can begin to repay that. Thank you. I love you, Mom!


She was the perfect example of a homemaker.


As I have gotten older, my mom has always made it a point to let me know she is proud of the woman I have become and that she loves me very much.


My mother has been such a support recently. I got pregnant this past September through rape, and I was in an emotional pit. My mother has been here for me through these tough times as I go through with the adoption process and the duration of my pregnancy. Without her I would be so lost. She let me back into her home and has been so understanding and loving and generous to me ever since. I don't think I could ever repay her for the kindness and unconditional love she has given me though the years, especially these past few months.

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