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Why Doesn't WWHA Want to Be Licensed?

Licensing is typical business protocol. And not just in the health care industry. Your hair salon is licensed. Restaurants, spas, electricians, architects, and the list goes on, all require a license. Getting licensed is not an unconstitutional burden, but an honest business practice

Why does WWHA want to circumvent the licensing process? Because they are unsafe and unethical in their business practices. Abortion is harmful for women and deadly for their babies. Abortion always ends an innocent life, and an unlicensed clinic will further endanger the health and safety of women.

Here is a list of WWHA's code violations at their other clinics just in 2018. 

  • Failed to ensure that staff responsible for sterilization of critical surgical instruments were trained to meet requirements and demonstrate competency to perform sterilization procedures at the facility.

  • Failed to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, properly instructed, equipped, and maintained to protect the health and safety of patients and staff at all times.

  • Failed to store hazardous cleaning solutions and compounds in a secure manner. These dangerous chemicals were located in patient care areas unsecured throughout the facility. The physician or agent did not make “a reasonable effort” to ensure that patients who received the abortion pill returned to the facility for follow-up visits as required.

  • Failed to ensure that all personnel providing direct patient care were certified in basic life support.

  • Failed to be responsible for implementing and enforcing written policies governing the facility’s total operation and ensuring these policies are administered.

  • Failed to provide a patient with name and telephone number of nearest hospital in case of emergency. According to the report, despite the fact that a patient lived in Houston, the facility provided them with hospital contact information for Austin.

  • Failed to ensure that policies on decontamination, disinfection, sterilization and storage of sterile supplies were implemented.

  • Failed to ensure each sterilizer was monitored during operation for pressure, temperature and time at desired temperature and pressure.

  • Failed to schedule a follow-up appointment as required for a patient who was given the abortion pill.

  • Failure to maintain proper credentialing documentation on staff.

  • Failure to ensure that abortions were done by qualified physicians (affecting an average of 44 abortions per month at the time of the inspection).

  • Failure to ensure that IV sedation was done by qualified physicians.

  • Failure to ensure that the Medical Director and all physicians held full admitting privileges at a hospital within a travel time of 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Failure to ensure that obstetric ultrasound results were read by qualified physicians.Expired drugs and failure to properly date and label drugs.

  • Failure to store syringes in a manner that would prevent cross-contamination.

  • Failure to ensure informed consent accurately reflected patient instructions.

  • Failed to ensure the facility’s “Standing Orders” were up to date and authenticated.  These orders were related to the use of abortion-inducing drugs.

  • Failure to ensure that orders to dispense abortion-inducing drugs were signed by a qualified physician.

In addition to ignoring health and safety codes, WWHA are combative neighbors:

In 2016, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance sued the state of Texas for a law requiring the dignified disposal of fetal remains from abortions. The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops offered to cover all costs associated with burial or cremation of aborted fetuses in order to remove of the burden of cost from women. In retaliation, WWHA requested the Bishops be subpoenaed for all communication, including internal communications between bishops, regarding abortion.

WWHA’s disrespect for basic human dignity underscores their disreputable and irresponsible character. In addition, WWHA's retaliation against Texas Bishops for attempting to lighten an "undue burden", shows an intolerance for deeply held religious beliefs and ministry to women. It is unfortunate that WWHA has now resorted to attacking the Catholic Church and religious freedom.

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