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Why Doesn't WWHA Want to Be Licensed?

Licensing is typical business protocol. And not just in the health care industry. Your hair salon is licensed. Restaurants, spas, electricians, architects, and the list goes on, all require a license. Getting licensed is not an unconstitutional burden, but an honest business practice

Why does WWHA want to circumvent the licensing process? Because they are unsafe and unethical in their business practices. Abortion is harmful for women and deadly for their babies. Abortion always ends an innocent life, and an unlicensed clinic will further endanger the health and safety of women.

Here is a list of WWHA's code violations at their other clinics just in 2018. 

  • Failed to ensure that staff responsible for sterilization of critical surgical instruments were trained to meet requirements and demonstrate competency to perform sterilization procedures at the facility.

  • Failed to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, properly instructed, equipped, and maintained to protect the health and safety of patients and staff at all times.

  • Failed to store hazardous cleaning solutions and compounds in a secure manner. These dangerous chemicals were located in patient care areas unsecured throughout the facility. The physician or agent did not make “a reasonable effort” to ensure that patients who received the abortion pill returned to the facility for follow-up visits as required.

  • Failed to ensure that all personnel providing direct patient care were certified in basic life support.

  • Failed to be responsible for implementing and enforcing written policies governing the facility’s total operation and ensuring these policies are administered.

  • Failed to provide a patient with name and telephone number of nearest hospital in