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WWHA Violates Health and Safety Regulations

(South Bend, IN)- Texas Health and Human Services Commission completed health inspections of Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) of San Antonio on October 16, 2018 and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA) in Austin, Texas on October 15, 2018. Both reports found multiple violations of health and safety regulations.

WWH of San Antonio failed to ensure that “policies on decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization, and storage of sterile supplies were implemented” by failing to document autoclave logs. Such negligence makes it impossible to confirm whether loads and instruments were properly sterilized thereby putting patient safety at risk.

The WWHA and WWH reports indicated similar violations of documentation of narcotic drugs. It describes unexplained discrepancies between the actual closing count and anticipated closing count of narcotic drugs in a random sample of drugs. Discrepancies can indicate “missing drugs or careless handling” and pave the way for errors in administering medication.

Both abortion clinics also received violations regarding patient safety. Both reports state: “The licensee failed to provide a patient with the name and telephone number of the nearest hospital to the home of the pregnant woman at which an emergency arising from the abortion would be treated.” This failure puts a woman’s health, and even life, at risk if she experiences complications from an abortion procedure.

WWHA has repeatedly denied any affiliation between WWHA and WWH, LLC. The similarity of these two inspection reports suggests that WWHA and WWH, LLC clinics follow similar procedures and are prone to similar violations. Shortly after receiving the Health and Safety report with numerous violations, WWH of San Antonio closed its doors.