Rallies, Protests, and Other Activism

From time to time, it becomes necessary for all who believe in the pro-life cause to take a stand in the public sphere to defend and protect the lives of innocent, vulnerable human beings. Right to Life rallies its membership to act on these issues when it matters most, through protests, rallies, boycotts, and petitions urging real and necessary change on the level of intolerable action.

Right to Life maintains a strong pro-life presence rallying, protesting, and praying at Planned Parenthood. We pray for the conversion of this organization away from manipulation and toward authentic healthcare. However, we will not tolerate  its abortion practices, the selling of baby parts, or the forcing of taxpayers to fund practices which violate the dignity of the human person.  

We make our voices heard by local, state, and national legislators, urging them to uphold  pro-life values on our behalf and defend the constitutional rights of innocent and vulnerable human beings from fertilization to natural death. We urge them to support pro-life legislation and practices in their roles as representatives, senators, and other public officials.

We petition and boycott organizations, corporations, and public officials that support anti-life policies. We rally our members to speak out in the face of grave injustice when the situation calls for it!