Right to Life Michiana Speaker's Bureau

The Right to Life Michiana has a team of speakers to bring a variety of pro-life topics to your next conference, seminar, panel, classroom, ministry group, club, or church. Below are topics currently offered. If there is another pro-life topic you wish us to bring, please contact Jackie at executivedirector@prolifemichiana.org with your request. 

Life Team- This presentation includes an overview of fetal development and an

introduction to abortion. 

Suggested audiences: 7th, 8th grade, and high school classrooms. 

Local Abortion Situation- This presentation overviews the local history, local situation,

and our comprehensive response. 

Suggested audiences: sociology, health,  and criminal justice classes.


Apologetics- This presentation teaches introductory apologetics and abortion


Suggested audiences: church congregations, ministry groups, high school &

college pro-life clubs. 

Engagement & Mobilization- This presentation implores the audience to take action,

and offers practical steps to mobilization. 

Suggested audiences: pastor groups, pro-life clubs/ministries.

Adoption and Foster Care- This presentation shares personal testimony with the

foster and adoption process. 

Suggested audiences: any.

Persuasive and Compassionate Dialogue- This presentation teaches practical tips to

engage and persuasive and compassionate dialogue about abortion or any difficult


Suggested audiences: any.

Fetal Development- This presentation includes an overview of fetal development. 

Suggested audiences: for youth (younger than 7th grade).

Local Resources- This presentation shares the breadth of local resources and how to

access them, and share them. 

Suggested audiences: any. 

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