Local Abortion Threat

The abortion chain, Whole Woman's Health Alliance, is attempting to make its way into our community and has applied for a license to operate on the west side of South Bend. We need YOU to join our forces, ready to take a stand with us at any moment. Follow this situation closely alongside us by staying up-to-date on the following:

We Don't Need Abortion Here

November 2018 marks three years since north-central Indiana has had an active abortion clinic, following the ceasing of abortions at South Bend's Women's Pavilion by Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. In that time, our community has seen a drastic decline in the abortion rate, indicating that women are relying less on abortion and, instead, seeking out the many other resources available in our area to meet their needs during a crisis pregnancy and after.


Most recently, the Indiana State Department of Health released its annual Terminated Pregnancy Report for the year, 2016. This report showed that in St. Joseph County's first full year without an abortion clinic, the rate of women seeking abortion elsewhere dropped by nearly half, from 312 women to 161 women. In 2017, only 69 women sought abortions.


We, of course, attribute some of this decline to the closure of the local abortion facility. Without access to abortion directly in St. Joseph County, our community's women had more time to consider their options and opt for positive alternatives, including the county's many pregnancy resource centers.


However, such a substantial drop is nearly unheard of in our state's other communities in which an abortion facility has closed. The number of women who have received abortions in St. Joseph County has undoubtedly also been impacted by our community's efforts to reach out, educate, advocate, and pray for life through media and a variety of educational programming. These efforts have worked to share the truth about abortion and lessen the demand for it in our community, all while building up positive, healthy alternatives for women and children.


We have seen that all of the unique challenges women face during a crisis pregnancy can be met with compassionate care, right here in St. Joseph County, without turning to abortion. 


We encourage anyone who needs help during and after pregnancy to give us a call at 574.232.5433 to be directed to this wealth of community resources. Together, we will look at any woman's unique circumstances and place her in the hands of those who can best care for her.