Pro-Life T-Shirt Contest

Do you love graphic design? Are you passionate about the pro-life cause? Are you in need of cash? Submit a t-shirt design to St. Joseph County Right to Life’s Pro-Life T-Shirt Contest!


Contest Rules

  1. The contest is open to all ages.

  2. You can create as many designs as you’d like, but please only create a front side for each t-shirt you design.

  3. The theme for this year is “Pro-Life is Pro-Science.” Keep the theme in mind, use your creativity, and don't be afraid to experiment! Samples from the two previous years are shown above.

  4. When you have your submissions ready, submit them in .png format to Melanie Garcia at

  5. The winner will receive a $50 prize, a free registration to our Kloska Family Life Defenders Boot Camp, and the winning design will be featured on our Boot Camp t-shirt. The Kloska Family Life Defenders Boot Camp is an in-depth training for youth and adults interested in learning more about the pro-life worldview and how to defend it in the public sphere.

  6. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, January 5th at 11:59pm.

  7. All designs submitted to St. Joseph County Right to Life become the property of St. Joseph County Right to Life. We retain full copyright to use and distribute designs for the purposes of our organization.