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Rallies and Prayer Walks

Vote Pro-Life

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Protests, Petitions, and Boycotts

Euthanasia/PAS Taskforce

Historically, these rallies and walks have drawn more than 700 people to protest Roe v. Wade. In a post-Roe world, we still mourn the over 60 million lives lost, but remain hopefulful for the future.

This media campaign reminds the community of the importance of voting pro-life and identifies local, state, and federal pro-life advoates.

We stand up for life in the public forum, peacefully protesting unethical practices such as the sale of aborted fetal parts and the opening of unlicensed abortion businesses. We organize boycotts of organizations that contribute to these scandalous actions.  

We have a committee that works to put up a strong front against the looming widespread acceptability of “Death with Dignity” legislation. We are also developing an educational plan to impact our community.

Abortion Task Force

We work to identify and evaluate current abortion threats in our community and strategize to meet the challenges with outreach, education, and advocacy efforts.

Pro-Life Signature Ad

Thousands across our community make their voices heard: "We defend the Right to Life from fertilization to natural death."

Mother's Day Flower Sale

Each year, area churches host a carnation sale on Mother's Day weekend to help fund the life-saving advocacy work of Right to Life Michiana.

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