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Our Story

St. Joseph County Right to Life was founded in 1972 around the kitchen table of Betty and Glenn Terry. Founded in anticipation of Roe v. Wade (1973), we are one of the oldest continuously active pro-life organizations in the nation. In January 2020, we merged with Elkhart County Right to Life to form Right to Life Michiana. For 45 years, we have been taking a fervent stand for the respect and protection of all innocent human life from fertilization to natural death, and we will continue to do so until practices like abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia are unthinkable. The foresight and resolve of our founding members continued to strengthen, making Right to Life Michiana a powerful force for life in north-central Indiana. Focusing on outreach, advocacy, education, and prayer, we worked tirelessly to end abortion in our community and to build up a culture that sees life as a gift. In 2015, we experienced a great victory as South Bend’s abortion clinic was shut down, making our community free from an abortion clinic for the first time in decades.

In the Beginning

Over the Years

Moving Forward

In 2018 a new abortion business, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA), opened in South Bend. After the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022, the State of Indiana released an amendment to SB 1(ss) #25, which removed the licensure of abortion clinics. WWHA is expected to close its doors in South Bend on September 15, 2022. This abortion facility is responsible for 1,100+ abortions. We mourn the lives lost and remain hopeful for the future. In addition, pro-assisted suicide/euthanasia parties are working to gain a foothold in Indiana, with the intent of advancing "Death with Dignity" legislation in Indiana. This could very well become the next Roe v. Wade.

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