Our billboards, benches, bus ads, TV commercials, and internet ads target those who are experiencing crisis pregnancies, directing them to nearby pregnancy resource centers. Last year alone, 412 mothers—that we know of—chose life after seeing our billboard!

Our adoption campaign helps mothers who feel trapped by an unplanned pregnancy to see that there are positive, life-affirming options that value the life of both mother and child. This campaign has made over 532 connections with Adoption Support Center in just one year!

Fortifying our community against abortion’s return, we reach out to vulnerable women and their support systems. In 2016, abortions performed on Right to Life Michiana residents dropped from 312 to 161 (all abortions occurred outside our county). Stay tuned for 2017's encouraging numbers!

We reach out to post-abortive women and men, helping them to find hope, healing, and forgiveness in spite of a past abortion. In doing so, we are also helping to stop potential repeat abortions from ever occurring.

Our outreach programs are designed to especially reach: