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Our Impact

A quick look at our impact through the numbers over the last year.

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7,700 Homes Reached

155 Minds Changed

Our Street Team members are paid canvassers and volunteers who go door to door engaging residents in conversations about abortion and sharing local resources. Homes also receive a follow up mailing.

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120 Pro-Lifers Trained

Our Life Defenders Boot Camp equips pro-lifers to defend the pro-life message with logic and grace. In addition to classroom training, participants practice skills through urban and door-to-door outreach.

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57 Turnaways

5 Saves

Our Sidewalk Advocacy Team consists of trained advocates who share life-affirming resources with women seeking abortions. Advocates are on-site every hour the clinic is open.

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1,000+ Students Educated

Our Life Team presents to 8th-grade classrooms, high schools, youth groups, colleges, and churches on fetal development, abortion, and local support for moms.

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44 Churches Engaged

We engage and cultivate relationships with pastors to build pro-life activism within churches.

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327,000 People Reached

We have booths at St. Joseph and Elkhart County Fairs and other festivals educating on the injustice of abortion and sharing local resources.

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Message Seen

6,560,000 Times

Billboard and bench ads strategically placed near the abortion business share life-affirming resources with abortion-minded women.

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36 Prayer Gatherings

We hold memorials, prayer vigils, prayer chains and cross displays throughout the year and coordinate a consistyent prayer presence at the abortion business. All of our work is constantly supported by prayer.

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