Life Team Program

Our Life Team program is designed as a two-part workshop offered in local 8th-grade classrooms and presented by local medical, educational, and pastoral professionals. We help students grow in pro-life understanding and virtue by giving them a picture of the reality of threats to human life in our world today and forming them to answer in truth and charity.

We begin by expressing the sacredness of each human being and exploring the wonder of God’s creation in a scientific walk through fetal development. Students learn the beauty of God’s design throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

We then discuss a practice that directly violates God’s beautiful design: abortion. We present clear, non-graphic information covering the abortion procedures and the history of abortion both nationally and locally. We consider how certain cultural mentalities have led us to a point in which human beings are considered property that can be kept or disposed of based on the privacy of the mother’s decision.

On day two, role-playing and discussion allow students to process the content that they have learned and practice real scenarios which they may encounter. Going into high school, students learn how to respond to a woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy and how they, as teenagers, can build a culture of life in our Church and in our world.

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Meet the Life Team

Richard Becker

RN, Professor of Nursing at Bethel College

Father of Seven

Jessica Keating, M.Div

Director of Office of Human Dignity and Life Initiatives, Notre Dame

Maddie Garcia

Education Major at IUSB

Melanie Garcia

SJCRTL Outreach Manager

Jay Burke

SJCRTL Program Manager

Antonio Marchi

Former SJCRTL Program Director

Father of Two

Jennifer Miller, M.Div

Former K-8 Teacher and Campus Minister

Mother of Three


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