Media Campaigns

Right to Life Michiana is driven to ensure protection and support for all innocent human life - especially for the unborn, the littlest among us. Although a substantial portion of our day-to-day work is centered around reaching out, educating, and advocating for the immediate protection and needs of the unborn and their mothers, our broader mission is focused on bringing about a cultural change. Right to Life Michiana seeks to change the hearts and minds of our community, looking towards a day when abortion and other practices which violate the dignity of human life will be unthinkable.

Thanks to your steadfast support, Right to Life Michiana has been able to "reach people where they are," by using new media to share the message of life. Because of your help, our Adoption, Crisis Pregnancy, and Public Education campaigns are reaching hundreds of thousands in our community, and plans are in the works for additional campaigns reaching out to those who are post-abortive and addressing Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide.


Please, take a moment to check out an overview of our current efforts, and find out how we are using media to enact a cultural change! Click below to see the campaigns in action!


Adoption Outreach Campaign

Our mission with the Adoption Media Campaign is to remove the stigma often associated with adoption, reach out to abortion-vulnerable women and their support systems, and educate our community on the positive, realistic, and life-affirming options available in the midst of a crisis pregnancy.

Our billboards and bus stop benches spread the loving message of adoption in a big way, reaching thousands of individuals near college campuses and in urban areas. We show that this courageous option can help unlock endless potential for mothers, children, and families.


Our digital ads, TV commercials, social media ads, and internet video pre-roll ads are especially targeted to women who may be facing a crisis pregnancy, offering hope in the face of great challenges and showing that unplanned pregnancy does not have to leave a woman feeling trapped. Our Adoption campaign digital and pre-roll ads received 199,109 impressions in less than 10 months! On top of that, we have initiated over 532 connections with Adoption Support Center!

Two examples of our video ads can be seen below; all five video ads for adoption can be seen at this link.


Crisis Pregnancy Outreach Campaign

Our mission with our Crisis Pregnancy campaign is to reach out to women in crisis pregnancies, directing them to local pregnancy resource centers which provide compassionate care and authentic support.

Our Crisis Pregnancy billboards and bench ads were responsible for getting 412 women - that we know of - in the doors of a local pregnancy resource center last year. Most of these women then chose life for their unborn babies when they otherwise may not have.

Our Crisis Pregnancy digital ads and internet video pre-roll ads strategically utilize individuals' search history to target abortion-vulnerable women and show them that free and confidential help is available to them at local pregnancy resource centers. Our Crisis Pregnancy commercials have reached 328,708 people!  


Public Education Media Campaign

Our mission with the Public Education Campaign is to fortify the community to resist future abortionists, to show the general public that women can get all the help they need right here in our community without an abortion, and they will be better off because of it.

Thanks to the generosity of our members, we have shared six Public Education messages in the last 8 months, educating the community about abortion and showing that we are better off without it. Examples of some of our billboard outreach ads can be viewed below. These billboard ads have been seen by thousands of people who live in St. Joseph County.

Our digital and internet video pre-roll ads have received 101,990 impressions in just three months! Our television commercials are fresh out of productions and beginning to air. We will have encouraging analytics on those commercials soon!