Post-Abortion Outreach

Are you hurting from a past abortion?  Please don't suffer in silence. Reach out to one of our local post-abortive healing ministries for confidential and nonjudgmental help.

Project Rachel

She Found His Grace


 A Haven for Healing


Go Deeper Still

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RETA: Reason Enough To Act

The hurt caused by abortion echoes far beyond the life of the unborn child which it ends. Abortion is also strongly linked to a wide variety of physical and emotional consequences in women, including death, future infertility and miscarriage, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, breast cancer, and suicide. For the sake of women and their unborn children, Right to Life seeks to end abortion and offer those who are already post-abortive to help, hope, and healing.

We share the stories of post-abortive individuals who have vowed to be Silent No More in hopes of saving others and their unborn children from the terror of abortion.


The goal of our outreach is two-fold: deter women from having abortions by making them aware of the negative consequences, and walk with those who have already chosen abortion toward healing and forgiveness. Statistically, many of these women would go on to have  multiple other abortions if it weren’t for a change of heart.