Abortion Clinic Outreach

About the Outreach

Our Sidewalk Counseling Outreach is composed of a group of individuals that wait outside abortion clinics and  reach out to women in crisis who have come to the clinic. Here are the various people you will typically see outside the clinic and their roles:


Sidewalk counselors- Up to two individuals at a time will stand closest to the clinic entrance or closest to where they can reach the woman to attempt to engage them in conversation. These counselors are often the last chance for these women to hear a pro-life voice encouraging them to choose what is best for them and their child. All sidewalk counselors must be trained; see below for training contact information. If you visit the clinic as a prayer warrior or protester, please give the sidewalk counselors space, it is important that they are able to have a conversation with women. (Located in purple on the map below)

Prayer Warriors- Individuals or groups will visit the clinic to pray silently. There is no limit to how many prayer warriors can be at the clinic. Prayer Warriors are requested to pray silently or quietly so not to be distracting to the woman who are speaking with the counselors. Abortion clinic workers have said that their no-show rates climb as high as 75% when there are people praying outside the clinic. This is truly a life-saving ministry! (Located in blue on the map below)

Witnesses- Individuals or groups will visit the clinic with signs and posters with pro-life messaging to draw attention to the violations of the sanctity of human life and might aim to discourage patronage of the abortion business. There is no limit to how many witnesses can be at the clinic. Protesters are stationed with the Prayer Warriors and across the street, showing their messages to the woman driving up to the clinic. Witnesses's messages may deter woman from even pulling into the clinic! (Located in blue in the map below)












Sidewalk Counseling Training

Sidewalk Counselors undergo training on how to approach, converse with, and show true support for women in crisis, no matter the woman's specific circumstances. They learn how to present women with pro-life resources and options and how to inform them about abortion and a child's development.


Training sessions are offered periodically by St. Joseph County Right to Life and by the Life Center. If you are interested in training, please contact SJCRTL or TLC.

SJCRTL: Melanie Garcia at programs@prolifemichiana.org or at (574) 232-5433

Information for Current Sidewalk Counselors

Sign up for a Sidewalk Counselor or Prayer Warrior shift here.

Some tips from our veteran Sidewalk Counselors:

  1. Make sure your cell phone is always fully charged.

  2. Know the emergency contact numbers (below) or have them handy.

  3. Check the weather before your shift and dress accordingly (including things like sunscreen and rain gear).

  4. Bring cardboard to stand on in the winter (it insulates against the cold sidewalk).

Emergency contact numbers:

  1. General emergency: 911

  2. Local police: (574) 235-9201

  3. St. Joseph County Right to Life office: (574) 232-5433

  4. Jackie Appleman (Executive Director, SJCRTL): (574) 850-1017

  5. Shawn Sullivan (Executive Director, The Life Center): (574) 855-2729


Free public parking is indicated in yellow. 


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