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Abortion Facility Outreach

About the Outreach

Right to Life Sidewalk Advocates and Prayer Warriors maintain a peaceful presence outside the local abortion facility, praying and reaching out to women in crisis.


Sidewalk Advocates/Counselors- Up to two individuals at a time reach out to women entering the abortion facility, attempting to engage them in conversation. These counselors are often the last chance for these women to hear a pro-life voice encouraging them to choose what is best for them and their child. 

Sidewalk Advocates undergo training on how to approach, converse with, and show true support for women in crisis, no matter the woman's specific circumstances. They learn how to present women with pro-life resources and support and and how to inform them about abortion and a child's development.

Prayer Warriors- Individuals or groups visit the abortion facility to pray silently (allowing trained counselors the opportunity to converse with women, without distraction). There is no limit to how many prayer warriors can be at the clinic. Abortion facility workers have said that no-show rates climb as high as 75% when there are people praying outside the clinic. This is truly a life-saving ministry!

If you are interested in being trained as a sidewalk advocate or serving as a prayer warrior, contact Kelsey, here, for more information.

Below is a map of the local abortion facility (and Right to Life Michiana's adjacent property to the left of Whole Woman's Health Alliance). Prayer warriors are encouraged to stand in any of the locations marked in blue.


Free public parking is indicated below in yellow.

Sidewalk counseling map of parking.png
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