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Right to Life Street Team

About the Outreach


The goal of the Right to Life Michiana Street Team is to educate the community on the dangers of abortion, the humanity of the preborn, as well as the local resources available to pregnant women in Michiana.

2021 Impact

7,700 Homes visited

1,400 Conversations about abortion

155 Minds changed

Stories from the Street

"Met with Jermond and he accepted the door hanger and the information.  He had a good attitude but when we asked about his thoughts on abortion he believed that it was the woman’s choice although he did not feel that abortion was necessarily a good thing.  I then asked why he did not believe that it was a good thing.  He basically acknowledged that it was a child that was in the woman but seemed uncertain about what the cut off point should be for abortion.  Erin immediately pulled out the model of a fetus and showed what the child would look like even after just 10 weeks.  Jermond was visibly jarred by the detail at such an early age.  We asked Jermond about what circumstances he felt that it would be acceptable for a woman to take the life of a two year old.  He agreed there were none and said on his own that the fetus model was just a smaller version of the two year old.  He thanked us for the coming out." - Mike J.  

"Talked with a 16 or 17 year old girl who said she was pro choice maybe but honestly she had never thought about it for herself. She only knew what her friends and school said about abortion which wasn’t much. We talked for a bit and at the end she asked for several door hangers so she could pass on the info to her friends." - Erin P. 

"One lady today said that her daughter had an abortion years ago because she was in an abusive relationship.  I asked her how her daughter is doing now.  She said she is fine and has three sons.  I told her about the local ministry to post abortive parents and directed her towards the HerMichiana website for info on post abortive healing.  She thanked me and said she would definitely share it with her daughter!" -Kristen S.

"During my afternoon shift today I met a man who was pro abortion and so I showed him the baby model. He looked at his little son and said “this was you!” And then he told me it gave him new perspective on the issue." -Louisa P.

"Talked to a teen girl. She was pro choice. Talked some, pulled out the fetal model. Her eyes got really big. 'That’s creepy but it’s really really human,' she said. 'I can’t kill that.'" -Erin P. 

"I talked to a woman today, after hearing what I had to say, and understanding what abortion really does, she changed her mind and decided to look more Into what we are doing!!" -Daniel A.

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