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Abortion Hurts Men

Although abortion primarily affects women and their unborn children, it is undeniable that abortion also greatly impacts men. Abortion is the primary cause of lost fatherhood, and although fewer studies have been conducted on how abortion affects men than on how abortion affects women, we think it would be obvious that men are hurt through the process which often harms their girlfriends or wives and takes the life of their child.


Included below are several statistics and findings that indicate just a hint of how deeply abortion can hurt men and fathers in emotional, psychological, and spiritual ways, and have long term effects on men's lives. Citations are listed at the bottom of the page. If you have questions about any of the information we have provided, please contact us.

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Emotionally and Psychologically

Abortion Hurts Men Emotionally and Psychologically

Men Who Disagreed That "Abortion is Easy for Men"¹

Men Who Disagreed They "Had Few Lingering, Disturbing

Thoughts on Abortion"²

Men Who Report Dreams or Thoughts About the Infant They Might Have Fathered³

Findings from a study of 2,533 adolescent males suggested that

Men who experienced abortion during adolescence were more psychologically distressed than men who became fathers during adolescence.

In the Long Term

Abortion Hurts Men in the Long Term

A study of 2,868 adolescent males suggested that

Post-abortive men were less likely to complete college than men who did not experience adolescent pregnancy.

Men may experience depression, guilt, anger, grief, powerlessness, and substance abuse after abortion. Future relationships and fatherhood may be adversely affected by a past abortion.

Men's experience of a partner's abortion was significantly associated with attitudes endorsing sex with strangers and more than one partner, and with having had more partners in the last year.¹⁰

In a study of 198 men whose partners had an abortion an average of 14½ years prior, results suggested that¹¹

Men may experience PTSD and relationship difficulties post-abortion.

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Abortion Hurts Men Spiritually

Here are some personal testimonies from men whom abortion has hurt, spiritually. Few studies have been done on this topic, but it is clear from these statements that abortion often does grave spiritual harm. For more personal stories, please visit where you can read 2500 personal accounts of people affected by abortion.

"I never rose again in the entertainment field, and the reasons for the abortion fizzled away and left me with the simple realization that I had committed murder against one of God's beautiful children - my child. God is a forgiving God and he has freed me of the guilt. But he is also a just God. He showed me clearly the severity of what I did and what it cost me."

-David, ON, Canada



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