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2021 Legislation

Updated: Feb 19

Right to Life Michiana works to protect life from conception to natural death. In support of this mission, we encourage all pro-lifers to learn about the current pro-life legislation, call their state representatives to discuss the bills, propose amendments, and hold them accountable for defending the unborn. Legislator contacts are here.

HB1577 Telemedicine and Abortion Related Services

Authored by Rep. Peggy Mayfield

Co-Authored by Rep. Joanna King, Rep. Michelle Davis

UPDATE: 2/15/21: Passed out of Public Health Committee (9-3)

Adds: (1) mental health providers; and (2) the employees and staff members of any entity involved in the handling or disposition of aborted remains; to the list of persons who may not be required to participate in specified procedures and practices concerning abortion or aborted remains if the mental health provider, employee, or staff member objects to such procedures and practices on the basis of ethical, moral, or religious belief. Requires an ultrasound image of a pregnant woman's fetus to be provided: (1) to a pregnant woman for her to keep; and (2) at no cost or charge to the pregnant woman; in the event of fetal ultrasound imaging. Requires certain information concerning the reversal of an abortion inducing drug to be provided to a pregnant woman in certain instances. Requires a specified report to identify the: (1) facility; and (2) city or town; where required information concerning an abortion was provided. Requires specified individuals to include, or to ensure the inclusion of, a copy of a pregnant woman's ultrasound report in the applicable patient file. Prohibits an abortion clinic from receiving an annual license renewal if ultrasound reports are not included in a pregnant woman's patient file. Provides that the written parental consent for purposes of abortion laws concerning an unemancipated pregnant woman less than 18 years of age must be notarized. Prohibits the state department of health from renewing an abortion clinic's license if noncompliance discovered during an annual inspection is not remedied. Prohibits the use of telemedicine for the provisioning of any medical service, including the: (1) writing or filling of a prescription; or (2) offering of advice, counseling, or therapy; for any purpose that is intended to result in an abortion. Prohibits the: (1) dispensing; (2) prescribing; and (3) administering; of an abortion inducing drug to a pregnant woman after nine weeks of post-fertilization age by removing a provision concerning federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of certain abortion inducing drugs. Removes FDA guidelines from a provision concerning manufacturer instruction sheets and patient agreement forms pertaining to abortion inducing drugs. Defines certain terms. Makes conforming amendments.

HB1245 Pregnancy and Childbirth Discrimination

Authored by Rep. Maureen Bauer

Co-Authored by Rep. Carey Hamilton

Prohibits an employer from discriminating against a pregnant job applicant or employee. Requires an employer to provide reasonable employment accommodations for a pregnant employee. Requires the civil rights commission to investigate complaints and attempt to resolve complaints.

HB1309 Pregnancy Accommodation

Authored by Rep. Karen Engleman

Co-Authored by Rep. Sharon Negele, Rep. Brad Barrett, Rep. Rita Fleming

Allows an employee to request an accommodation for the employee's pregnancy. Requires an employer to respond to an employee's request for an accommodation within a reasonable time frame. Provides that a request for accommodation does not require an employer to provide an accommodation for an employee's pregnancy, or impose a duty or obligation upon the employer to provide an accommodation or an exception to the employer's policies. Prohibits an employer from disciplining, terminating, or retaliating against an employee because the employee has requested or used an accommodation for the employee's pregnancy.

HB1358 Pregnancy and Childbirth Accommodation

Authored by Rep. Sharon Negele

Co-Authored by Rep. Brad Barrett, Rep. Cindy Ziemke

Requires an employer to provide reasonable employment accommodations for a pregnant employee. Requires the department of labor to investigate complaints and attempt to resolve complaints through the use of an administrative law judge. Allows for appeals.

HB1539 Protection of Life

Authored by Rep. Curt Nisly

Co-Authored by Rep. John Jacob

Repeals the statutes authorizing and regulating abortion. Finds that human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm. Asserts a compelling state interest in protecting human physical life from the moment that human physical life begins. Provides that court decisions to enjoin the law are void. Specifies the duty of Indiana officials to enforce the law. Specifies that federal officials attempting to enforce contrary court orders against Indiana officials enforcing the law shall be subject to arrest by Indiana law enforcement. Redefines "human being" for purposes of the criminal code to conform to the finding that human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm. Makes other conforming changes.

This bill is controversial within the pro-life community. Learn more information about this bill here.

HB1557 Abortion

Authored by Rep. Timothy Wesco

Defines viability for purposes of the abortion law as the earlier of the time of each post-fertilization age of the fetus that is less than 21 weeks or the time of conception. Provides that the definition is severable to preserve the earliest possible time that viability is determined. Specifies that abortions are permitted in certain circumstances before the earlier of viability or the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. (Current law specifies that abortions are permitted in certain circumstances during the first trimester of pregnancy.)

HB1310 Abortion

Authored by Rep. J.D. Prescott

Co-Authored by Rep. Brad Barrett

UPDATE 2/19/21- Not going to be heard this year.

Provides that the general assembly shall convene in an "initiated session" to consider legislation to restrict abortion if either of the following occur: (1) the Supreme Court of the United States overrules the central holding of Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey and clearly establishes that a state may prohibit abortion; or (2) an amendment to the Constitution of the United States is adopted that in whole or part clearly establishes that a state may prohibit abortion. Provides that an initiated session may not continue for more than 20 calendar days. Requires the attorney general to make an announcement and notify the governor and members of the general assembly concerning the decision from the Supreme Court of the United States involving Roe v. Wade or the amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Makes conforming changes.

HB1439 Coerced Abortions, Protection of a Fetus, and Wrongful Death or Injury of a Child

Authored by Rep. Joanna King

UPDATE 2/19/21- Not being heard this year. Will mostly likely be reintroduced next year.

Requires that a woman seeking an abortion must be informed that a coerced abortion is illegal. Provides that certain medical personnel must inquire with a woman seeking an abortion whether the abortion is coerced. Requires certain medical personnel who believe that an abortion is coerced to offer the pregnant woman information on certain services, the use of a telephone, and an alternative exit from the health care facility. Makes it a Level 6 felony if a person knowingly or intentionally coerces a woman into having an abortion. Makes it a Level 6 felony if a father or putative father of an unborn child knowingly or intentionally coerces a pregnant woman into having an abortion. Mandates reports of a coerced abortion to law enforcement. Makes it a Class C infraction if a reproductive health facility knowingly employs a mandatory reporter who violates the mandatory reporting statute. Creates a cause of action for a wrongful death of an aborted child. Provides that a cause of action for the wrongful death or injury of a child includes a fetus in any stage of development. (Current law defines "child" as a fetus that has attained viability.) Provides that a person, or a person who is pregnant, is justified in using reasonable force to protect a fetus.

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