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Street Team Follow Up Mailer

If you are on Right to Life Michiana's mailing list, you probably received a letter from a woman named Krissy sharing her abortion story. The letter also contained some abortion victim imagery sealed in a second envelope with a warning label.

Some context...last year, our Street Team visited 7,700 homes starting a conversation about the injustice of abortion. We know from doing apologetics for years that people rarely change their minds on the spot. Change often takes time and repeat encounters with truth.

We are sending this educational mailing to every home our Street Team visited with the goal of moving people closer to a pro-life conversion.

We also chose to send this letter to our wider membership. The goal is different. We know you are pro-life, but, as many of our staff and volunteers can attest to, it often takes something shocking to move us to take greater action. We hope this mailing will encourage people to become even more inspired to support mothers, save babies, and educate our community.

We understand this piece is disturbing. It is because abortion is so disturbing and evil that we fight so hard to end it every day. But if you have questions or concerns about this new initiative, we welcome feedback. Reach out to us at

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