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Supreme Court Denies WWHA Appeal Against the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops

(South Bend, IN)- The United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA) in its lawsuit that demanded the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops release sensitive internal communication.

In 2016, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance sued the state of Texas for a law requiring the dignified disposal of fetal remains from abortions. The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops offered to cover all costs associated with burial or cremation of aborted fetuses in order to remove of the burden of cost from women. In retaliation, WWHA requested the Bishops be subpoenaed for all communication, including internal communications between bishops, regarding abortion.

The Bishops provided over 4,000 pages of external communication but refused to provide sensitive internal communication between Bishops. The Bishops filed an emergency appeal in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals requesting the subpoena be struck down. The Bishops were granted permanent protection in August of 2018. WWHA appealed this decision, and their petition was denied on Tuesday by the Supreme Court. The decision of protection of the lower courts still stands.

“WWHA lawsuit against the state of Texas represents an egregious disregard for human value,” Right to Life Executive Director Jackie Appleman says. “WWHA’s disrespect for basic human dignity underscores their disreputable and irresponsible character. In addition, WWHA's retaliation against Texas Bishops for attempting to lighten an "undue burden", shows an intolerance for deeply held religious beliefs and ministry to women. It is unfortunate that WWHA has now resorted to attacking the Catholic Church and religious freedom.”

St. Joseph County Right to Life, Inc. is dedicated to the social welfare by promoting life through outreach, education and advocacy. It is the oldest, continuously active pro-life organization in St. Joseph County, and is the central organization representing pro-life interests. Its goal is to protect all human life – from fertilization to natural death.

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